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 Post subject: 6th Annual Armistice Ball
PostPosted: Tue Oct 11, 2011 4:50 am 
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The Battle of Mt. Hyjal. We remember it now as a time of triumph against overwhelming odds. Through the lens of history each choice and movement and sacrifice is as clear as the facets of a fine gem.

But for the men and women who fought at Hyjal the reality was murkier. In the fog of war one battle looks much like another. Mud and dirt and pain will always be the same, no matter the cause.

Each year the Anytime & Anywhere Messaging Service commemorates the anniversary of Mt. Hyjal. But it is not the battle we memorialize: it is the peace that made it possible. The men and women that waded through that carnage rarely knew who would be beside them, or what their race and nation were; only that they, too, believed life was good and deserved to go on.

This year we honor both the peace and the chaos of Mt. Hyjal. This year's Armistice Day Ball will be a costumed Masquerade, open to both factions and translated by the AAMS staff. Come disguised, and for a night we will be again what we were at Hyjal: united, peaceful, and as often as not a stranger to the person beside us, knowing only that they are a friend.

The Masquerade Ball begins at 6:00 in the evening on Satuday, October 15th. At 7:30 there will be a short speech followed by a mass unveiling so that everyone may see, for the first time, who they have enjoyed a peaceful moment with. We hope the results will surprise us all.

Following the unmasking we invite guests from both sides to join us in a historic re-enactment of the battle itself, made possible by the generosity of the Bronze Dragonflight. Both Branches of the AAMS will be leading historical tours through the Caverns of Time; all are welcome.

Yours in Service,Andelia Windtouched
Horde Branch Manager, Anytime & Anywhere Messaging Service

((And the OOC details for this massive event...

WHAT: A server-wide masked ball -- the continuation of a six-year RP tradition!

WHO: Everyone! Both factions are invited and will be able to interact.WHERE: The Twilight Grove, followed by the Mt. Hyjal raid in the Caverns of Time.

WHEN: Saturday Oct. 15th starting at 6:00 PM server time. Unveiling and speech at 7:30 PM with the CoT runs after.

DETAILS: The Armistice Day Ball in the fall of 2006 was the first large-scale, cross-faction RP event on Cenarion Circle. It attracted more than 500 people to the Twilight Grove and, at its peak, made Duskwood basically unplayable. Happily, the servers have improved since.

Every year the AAMS tries to improve on its own event. We like to think we've added a pair of good ideas this year: changing the traditional "fancy dress" party to a costumed masquerade, and holding "after-party" instance runs for both factions in the Caverns of Time Hyjal instance.Masquerade costumes are of course up to you! Keep it simple with a Red Defias Mask or use potions, trinkets, and flavor items to have a different disguise every cooldown -- whichever you prefer. We encourage people to try turning off names and muting /say and trying to make do with the speech bubbles might be surprised how different (and enjoyable) RP is when it's more like a real conversation.The CoT runs on both factions will be quick, casual, and in-character. Anyone who can get in the instance is welcome to come. We'll start inviting people after the closing speech and mass unmasking.

As with all AAMS events, we do ask that people come unflagged. As much as we like the realism of doing diplomatic events vulnerable to attack, there are too many differing opinions out there as to what flagging means and whether it is inherently an aggressive gesture or not. It's trouble we don't want, so please keep it simple and just stay unflagged!Guild leaders of both factions, please help us out by making this a Guild Event on the in-game calendar. We want to invite many more people than the 100-characer limit on public calendar events will allow!We hope everyone can join us in a night of celebrating both the in-game history and a piece of Cenarion Circle's very own community history -- the 6th Annual Armistice Day Ball))

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I am what brings them together. I am the knot.
I am a shaman.

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