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 Post subject: Returning
PostPosted: Thu Feb 15, 2018 3:15 pm 

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It has been many years since Zakutazzar remained at the lodge. His employer’s absence delegated him to be caretaker of the small animals and various mounts belonging to the owner. He learned that the tauren loved collecting all sorts of creatures, pets, and mounts. There was never a dull moment caring for these creatures and that kept him pretty busy. He knew the tauren would return one day, just not when. Funding for food, maintenance, care, etc., was paid for far in advanced that the troll did not have to worry about spending his personal resource. If funding was inadequate, Zakutazzar had his enchanting and tailoring skills to offer.

Since Zakutazzar had stationed himself at the lodge, he also kept his pets and mounts at the stable. One of his pet beast, Chomps, a dark olive Devilsaur, was generally causing trouble. The other creatures and mounts were pretty docile and obedient, and they tend to ignore Chomps antics. The troll could tell that Chomps was tired of being caged all the time and desperately wanted to go out on an adventure.

“Sorry buddy. Look’s like dis be annudha day we stayin’ home. You be good. I promise we go out soon.” If Chomps had large shoulders, you could picture him slumping them as he heard the same news. Chomps gave a loud sigh and laid down in his pen. Zakutazzar stifled a yawn as he went about sweeping up the hallway in the stable. The same repetitive task day after day, feeding and cleaning the animals; he could literally do this in his sleep. Outside the stable and above the horizon, An’she started to slowly descend. Her fiery orange light disappearing as Mu’sha appears in the sky.

A sudden chill crept up from behind the troll. Instinctively, Zakutazzar leapt forward, twisting around and landed,, broom in hand towards the presence.

“Who's ‘dere! You betta show ya’self”

The shadowy figure slowly raised his hand’ and chuckled, “It’s just me, old friend. I seriously doubt you can do much harm with that broom in your hand. Now, had it been your crossbow, that might be a different story.”

The troll lowered his weapon as to the familiar voice reached his ears. “…Jindall? Is that you?”, said the troll as he blinked a few more times.

The tauren’s hands slowly lowered down to his side and the shadowy figure became clearer. “The one and only.”

“When did you get here? Where’d you been? What ha…” Jindall raised his hand to stop the troll, knowing that there’d be a million questions.

“I know you have a lot of questions. I will answer them in due time. I wanted to tell you that I’m not here physically. You’ve must had fallen asleep and was thinking about me, otherwise I couldn’t have gotten to you this quickly. My body is safe slumbering away while my spirit has been in the Emerald Dream. I don’t know how long I’ve been gone, but I plan to return soon. While I was there, I was catching up with my old friend, and mentor, a Night Elf druid. We lost track of time. Please let the family know I will be waking up soon. And thank you for taking care of things for me in my absence. I will see you soon.”

And with that Jindall abruptly vanished.

A piercing pain lanced from the troll’s thigh and jolted him awake, dropping the broom onto the stable floor. He didn’t realize he fell asleep while sweeping and the broom kept him from falling over. Looking down, he found his pet lion, Leim, nuzzling the bite mark as an apology. Reaching down, Zakutazzar gently patted the cat.

“It’s alright. I fell asleep, didn’t I and you got worried.” The lion replied with just a purr.

Turning his head towards the devilsaur pen, “Chomps! Looks like I be keepin’ dat promise afta’all. We headin’ out soon. Da boss be returning and I think we both need some fresh air.” Chomps roared eagerly, getting up and pacing excitedly in his enclosure.

The first task Zakutazzar need to do was alert the rest of the family that a Jindall was returning. It has been awhile since he spoke to some of the family. Next, he needs to visit the armory and gather armor and weapons from storage. He might be rusty, but you never forget how to use a tool once it is back in your possession.

((To help explain my character's absence.))

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