A Letter to RedEarth -Possibly Emo, warned now-
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Author:  Rassian [ Thu May 05, 2011 11:45 am ]
Post subject:  A Letter to RedEarth -Possibly Emo, warned now-

Rassian had decided to compose a letter to Miss Red. He wasn't sure why, but he was awfully lonely, and well, you never know what the other person will say unless you ask!

Dear Red,

I would really like to take you out on a date. I know, that you are the leader of Ishnu, of us, and that you might say no simply because I also, am an Ishnu. Before you say that, please rethink. I simply wish to take you out on one date. And if it goes well, perhaps more dates.

Please reply back when you are able.

Rassian Blackhorn

(( So yeah. I was bored, Rassi's been deliberating this for a while, and I thought, might as well add it to the forums for fun times! xD ))

Author:  Rassian [ Wed May 18, 2011 11:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A Letter to RedEarth

He had waited. And waited. And waited some more.

And eventually he had given up. With a soft sigh, he took to the skies, his wings flapping against the wind over the Bluff. He let out a pain-filled screech, and the skies opened, a calm downpour started on the Tauren city. He let out a deep sigh, and sat upon one of the mountain perches that surrounded Mulgore. He let the rain beat against his feathers, and after the rain stopped, he shifted once more, into a large black cat form, and slunk back towards the Bluff.

Upon arriving back there, he penned another letter and sent it to the tauren woman.

"Dear Red.


~ Rassian."

A short letter, but one he sent immediately off to the Shaman before portaling to the Moonglade. He needed time with Cat and Bear, alone. Always alone.

Author:  Abominus [ Thu May 19, 2011 10:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A Letter to RedEarth

We know your pain, yesss...

Author:  Plainswander [ Mon May 23, 2011 2:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A Letter to RedEarth

((this cannot possibly end well....although, now I have an idea...))

Author:  Plainswander [ Mon May 23, 2011 2:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A Letter to RedEarth

((the servers are borkenated, I can't post. This is probably a good thing. it would have gotten me in trouble. yes.))

Author:  Rassian [ Tue Jun 21, 2011 10:25 am ]
Post subject:  Re: A Letter to RedEarth

His yell echoed over the lake in Moonglade. It was full of pain. Anguish. Sadness. A great big fist slammed down upon the rocks near him, they crumbled under the pressure and he let out another great yell before collapsing to his knees. He was on the opposite side of Moonglade, far away from the buildings constructed by the druids, away enough for his own privacy. A sob shook through his body, his chest heaving as he allowed the sadness to finally consume him, allowed himself the freedom he had not allowed in years, the freedom to cry, to express.

It seemed liked hours passed, but in reality it was only a few moments when the final sob left him. His eyes were finally dry. He took a deep breath, peering over the lake that he called home. There were so many memories here. Ehawne. He loved her. He knew he did. The first person he had ever allowed himself to finally love since the passing of his wife, and she had deceived him. Things had been going well. Well, so well... He thoughts, maybe they would be. And then he saw them together. Anger and rage had consumed him from that point on. He had gone on hunting rampages all over the area. He had hunted cultists for days, feasted on their flesh. Hunted cat people in Uldum. He hunted in Hyjal. Tanaris. Winterspring. He had hunted in Nagrand, though it pained him to be there, pained him because it was such an easy place for them to find him. They said they would come look for him. But again another lie. They never came. No one ever comes. He let the rage consume him, no one cared. This world now was all about war, about Deathwing, about the Alliance. The actions Ishnu took against the Alliance further proved that. He did not wish Red Earth hurt, but he did not want to involve himself in that fighting. He wanted a family, he did like Red, very much. He did not love her yet, no, for he had not spoken enough to her to love her. He simply cared for her. And perhaps that would be enough to start something. It was then he sent the letter. And he waited. And waited. And yet.....a reply was never sent. He was never spoken to in regards to the letter. It was as if, as if the world wanted him to be alone forever. Wanted him to be completely consumed with hate. He had penned another letter, and then left. Left the Bluff. Left Mulgore. Left the Barrens. He flew to Moonglade. Flew as fast as his wings could carry him.

And Moonglade he had been. He had been hoping..just a little b it of see Ehawne..even Ahurs.. but he did not once catch their scent. Part of him was happy..he did not want to have to see them together, he did not want to restrain himself from wanting to touch Ehawne's fur, from wanting to hold her. Part of it was the comfort, but part was his wanting.

He let out one last, great yell, a mix of a sob and a war cry, and then jumped into the lake, transforming into a seal, and swimming down to the bottom, disappearing into the water....

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