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 Post subject: A Package For Mishkwaki
PostPosted: Mon Jan 07, 2013 9:41 pm 
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*A relatively small leather pouch, delivered by hand and tied shut with a leather string, rests just inside the Ishnu Por Ah Lodge at Thunder Bluff. Inside are two papers and another even smaller pouch that is closed also. The first paper is a basic map of the land of Pandaria, with some marks on the central region of the continent. The other paper is a letter that reads as follows.*

Patriarch Mishkwaki,

You asked me recently how the Ishnu Por Ah should proceed in Pandaria. After much prayer, meditation and some research, this is what I believe Por Ah's path for us is in this new land.

First and foremost, we should consider the pandaren our friends. Their ways, beliefs and teachings are strikingly similar to that of the shu'halo. Earning their trust is key to our efforts, as this is and has been their land for ages. Some of them might be less trusting of us than others, but that is something I hope we can change for the better over time. There are a multitude of pandaren who have not sided with the Horde nor the Alliance. Many of them have remained neutral, and by assisting them, we can affirm our own neutrality and still fight an enemy common to us all.

As our brethren and sisters make their journeys through this new land, they will encounter many pandaren like I have written. I sense also that they will eventually be led to the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, a beautiful land that lies in the center of the continent that, until recently, has been locked away for generations. There are stirrings of an ancient power there, one that I'm not sure we or even the pandaren fully understand. Since the Vale's opening to the rest of the world, one of the foremost of the enemies of the pandaren—a large, brutish race known as the mogu—have emerged and sought to claim the Vale's secrets for themselves.

The mogu's efforts there, so far, have been mostly thwarted by the Vale's defenders: the Golden Lotus, arguably the most prominent and/or respected of the neutral pandaren factions. When our brethren and sisters have sufficiently honed their strength, wisdom and cunning, they can then aid the Golden Lotus in their efforts to stop the mogu in the Vale. And as they in turn prove themselves to the Golden Lotus, this will help them earn the trust of other factions, even the spirits revered and worshipped by the pandaren. While there are other parts of the land where we can lend our aid, I feel the Vale, with the Golden Lotus, is the best place to start. As we as a tribe and family grow in numbers and prove ourselves there, I have faith that it is then that Por Ah will make Her will further known to us.

Por Ah granted our people the strength not long ago to triumph over our enemies in our own lands...I feel it only fitting to show our gratitude by lending our strength to the pandaren, so that they may triumph the same.

I'm sure we can meet again if you have further questions.

Ishnu Por Ah,

Brother Kaeevanrash

P.S. As for the smaller pouch contained, you can give the “pass” inside that to Sister Kickfeather when you see her. I think it would interest her more than anyone in the tribe.

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