Spring Cleaning ((open story for participation!))
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Author:  Ebonbreeze [ Thu Jan 25, 2018 4:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Spring Cleaning ((open story for participation!))

Standing in the doorway of the Ishnu Por Ah lodge, a morose druid looked around at the living space she once found so familiar. Only a few memories of Ebonbreeze's past had returned, and she had hoped that doing a bit of cleaning in the empty bunks would help trigger some more.

Ebon wandered over to a long wooden dinner table and righted a lantern that twinkled gently through the thick coating of dust. "Kaeevanrash..." Ebon tried to conjure what he looked like as she retrieved a rag to start wiping the dust away from the lantern, sneezing at the dust floating through the air.

She placed the lantern back down on the table and snorted.

"I am going to need some help with this." Ebon sighed, "If we are going to be extending our family again, we will need a clean lodge, and clean bunks to sleep in!"

With that the druid walked out of the lodge to write a letter to the rest of the family for assistance.

Author:  Eahuna [ Fri Jan 26, 2018 8:56 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Spring Cleaning ((open story for participation!))

A hook! And one extracted from the pad of Ea’huna’s unlucky thumb with a good deal more time and care than the mid-day startling that had put it there in the first place.

Ea’huna grimaced and laid the back of the wounded hand on her knee, holding the thin bandage fabric in place long enough for her free hand to thread a simple knot. Then tucking one end between the two good fingers, she closed the knot with a sharp tug on the other end.

The crumpled letter that brought the unexpected courier up here to this small lake lay on the border between bright sunlight and the growing shade of the tree Ea’huna had taken shelter under; set aside in her distraction. The words ‘lodge’ and ‘Ebonbreeze’ had jumped out at her at the first glance. Now she reached for it again for a more thorough read.

Her ears drooped, and she looked out over the pond. Every day since locating this spot she had been laying ground bait, luring the small life of the loch here to feed--and just as surely the much tastier fish that preyed on them. Three days of work now! By dusk tonight, if all went according to her plan, the fishing would be fine and the dinner to follow even finer.

But what Ebonbreeze had asked of them all was humble. She was but one, and though Ea'huna had only seen the Ishnu Por Ah lodge in the distance between Thunder Bluff's mesas, even she could tell it had been built for many.

With a backwards glance, as if to ruefully wish her lost fish dinners good eating of their own accord, she set off down the hill path to the caravan site she had been sharing the campfire of. One brief negotiation with the caravan leader later, a bird of prey broke from the thermals it rose into the sky on and set a course for the distant city.

Author:  Eahuna [ Sun Jan 28, 2018 10:49 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Spring Cleaning ((open story for participation!))

She thought she could hear movement somewhere in the lodge; but here at the foot of its log steps Ea'huna hesitated, small basket of food in hand. These steps were well worn, as if by years of hoof traffic. A fact that, on its own would hardly have earned a second glance--of course the paths nearby on the Spirit Rise were well-trod as well. But still she paused, as Mingonshoba's words from their first meeting were sinking in. This building was clearly a home too, and her courage was running out where marching into another's home unannounced was concerned.

She raised a hand and tentatively tapped the door post.

Author:  Mingonashoba [ Sun Feb 04, 2018 12:23 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Spring Cleaning ((open story for participation!))

Mingonashoba found himself idly lounging in Thunder Totem, gazing at the rugged, snow-kissed mountain ranges surrounding the city. It certainly wasn't the green fields of Mulgore, or the harshness of the Barrens, but the Highmountain still made him feel at home. The Highmountain were good people, a little moose-y, but good people.

One of them ambled up to him, "Mingonashoba? I've got a letter for you." Mingo nodded and took the letter, thinking to himself how it was always nice hearing his name properly pronounced.

He glanced through the message with a bit of a grimace. Cleaning the lodge? Well, it can't always be high adventure and excitement.

He made his way to the flight master, and began his travel to return to Thunder Bluff.

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