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 Post subject: What's in a name? ((two short stories))
PostPosted: Fri Jan 26, 2018 1:35 am 
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((So way back in the long ago, in the before times, Ex-Mrs. Mingo wrote two separate stories about how Mingonashoba got his name. While they are two totally different stories, I can still sort of work them into the "lore" of Mingo based on the viewpoint of each story. The first one is from Mingo's point of view.))

Young Mingonashoba wandered up to his mother one morning before breakfast and tugged on her tail. "Momma?" Asked the inquisitive young bull as his mother quickly jerked her tail away from his grip, "why did you make my name so long?" His mother smiled and patted him on the head. “Well my dear, when your father and I first decided to have children I figured four would be plenty, and to go along with four children, we needed four names."

Mingo nodded.

"With some thought I came up with the names, 'gon', 'min', 'oba', and 'ash.' However after I had you little one," she playfully tapped Mingo on the snout, "I realized that having another 3 was just too much. So I took the best of both worlds and combined them. And here you are, Mingonashoba. Now go play and leave your mom alone so I can finish cooking!"

Mingo grabbed his rifle and scampered out the door with a bang as it slammed shut behind him. He heard his dad yell from inside, "Stop slamming the door boy!"


((This second story was written later on, is from his mom's viewpoint, and is a much more serious tone than the former.))

Min, Gon, Ash, and Oba

It was a quiet but hot day in the hills near Ratchet. A small tauren woman named Mantema went about her work fitting nuts to bolts and sheet metal to springs. Her young son poked his still pink nose over her workbench and gazed at the strange gadgets his mother had made. An exploding mouse trap, a flash fryer for strider meat, and a fire propelled barrel to enable kodos to tread deep water.

He reached out to touch her pot of flammable oil and Mantema gently guided his hands to a more play friendly metal cog. He sat on the floor with his new treasure and rolled it around in the dust. She smiled down at him. Mantema's child was her "sweetie munkie" as she called him. In those first few moments in her arms he had looked up her with those big brown eyes and round cheeks that reminded her of a chipmunk.

"Sweetie Munkie" was hers and hers alone in the doting mother sort of way. She had wanted many more children to mix up her wrenches and displace her notes but her baby would be the only one. She was small for a tauren, barely coming up to her bondmate's chest. Mantema's Sweetie had been a big baby, even by tauren standards. His birth had tried her life and the healer told her she could have no more.

He was engrossed by the cog. Making patterns on the floor that resembled the mottling of his hide. Mantema tugged on his nub horn gently. Disturbed from his play he got up and toddled toward her gun stocks. She turned back to her work, trying to focus on her notes for an exploding kodo decoy. Her mind wandered elsewhere. To the three other children she wished she could have. Mantema had names for all of them, but only sweetie munkie would receive one.

Something poked her side and she looked down. Sweetie had found her wooden mock-up gun and was trying to get her attention with it. He poked her again. She took it from him gently. "It's a gun. Can you say g-un?" He burbled back at her happily with many sounds but none that spelled gun. His fingers stretched out for the mock-up and she gave it back to him. He hugged it and made more baby sounds at her.

"I know, baby." Mantema replied back to him in that language only mothers and their infants understand and scooped him up into her arms. Sweetie nestled into her lap, still clinging his newly found toy. He patted her notes and looked up at her. She smiled and settled her head on his, writing more notes as he looked on. As time passed she heard a steady gurgling sound. Sweetie had fallen asleep.

Mantema laid her pencil down and put both her arms around him. Though he slept he did not loosen his hold on the mock-up gun. She closed her eyes and sent her thoughts towards the future. His naming ceremony would be in a month. Which name should she choose? She had four names, but there would only be one child. Min, for the elders. Gon, for the wolves. Ash, for her people. Oba, for the plains.

Sweetie munkie sighed in his sleep and a small snot bubble rose out of his pink nose. Mantema kissed the top of his head in that area between his growing horns. An idea grew in her mind. A simple one of all the hopes and dreams she had for him. She leaned down to his ear, careful not to wake him. "Little one, you will be everything you hope for." She whispered to him as his ear flicked back and forth. "You will be all of them. My Mingonashoba."

We were around Gadgetzan, on the edge of the desert, when the drugs began to take hold.

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