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 Post subject: An Idea for Wednesdays
PostPosted: Mon Dec 12, 2011 9:54 pm 
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With the raid plan for Wednesday a little up in the air, might I suggest Baradin Hold if we control Tol Barad at raid time? I did Alizabal for the first time tonight, and she was a total pushover. The raid I was in only wiped once because one of the tanks didn't know when they were supposed to taunt.

Basic skinny of the fight is this: tanks face her away from the rest of the raid. When she "skewers" her target tank (which does a lot of damage, stuns that tank and increases their damage taken), the other tank taunts her ASAP. Repeat.

She puts a DoT on a random player (called 'Seething Hate') that causes a ton of shadow damage to be taken by that person and anyone within 6 yards, splitting the damage with the people it hits. So basically, DPS and healers stay right behind her, and thus share the damage even if one of the tanks is the target.

And finally, she does a Blade Dance which is essentially the same as Bonestorm from Lord Marrowgar in ICC, but without the flames coming out. She spins, moving 2-3 times to random players in the room doing damage to people too close, and we run away from her. We stack back up again when she finishes. The Blade Dance is the only thing people need to be spread out for.

Repeat this 4-6 times, easy VP and possible upgrades.

 Post subject: Re: An Idea for Wednesdays
PostPosted: Tue Dec 13, 2011 1:53 pm 
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That is totally doable. I did the her on my hunter and it was a piece of cake. Especially when I'm with overgeared RT folks.

You guys can do that if you want. As much as I'd love to join you guys, I'll be outta town for the day. I am placing Reknor in charge of the raid day. I'll be on tonight if anyone needs to talk to me.


 Post subject: Re: An Idea for Wednesdays
PostPosted: Tue Dec 13, 2011 4:51 pm 

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If we do have the people for it and control TB, we can definitely get that done before the raid. We could pug a few people too if it's just TB. If we don't have a full group, we'll hit LFR after so people can get possible upgrades and get an idea of what the fights look like.

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