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 Post subject: A meeting with the AAMS
PostPosted: Tue Mar 29, 2011 8:43 am 
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For those who are not aware, heated exchanges have occurred over the past few days concerning an AAMS member caught in a Barrens battle which we instigated a week ago. I arranged a meeting with this AAMS member to have a better understanding of what transpired. Below, you will find the public statement which I have had distributed concerning the meeting. I felt it necessary since it seems so many seemed to think they had a personal stake in the matter.

I wish to inform you all that as of this meeting any animosity that was there between the Ishnu Por Ah and the AAMS has been put aside. The AAMS have been warned, however, that they must be more aware of the situations they find themselves in. That if they wish to maintain their image of neutrality and objectivity to be more careful of their actions when they step into a war zone. That the Southern Barrens is now one of those war zones where they must be extra cautious. I am expressing to all Ishnu Por Ah, that the AAMS are to be considered a neutral faction and to be given the benefit of the doubt first. And that so long as they identify themselves through familiarity or the wearing of their tabard, no harm or threat shall come to them. In fact we will assist them if necessary to safely get them away from any conflicts. I do not wish to make an enemy of those who I feel will be useful for any peaceful actions that I am hopeful for in the future. Having said that, we also cannot be responsible if they are found with blood on their hands and actions are taken against them because of such. We are also only responsible for those who wear our banner or take part in actions we sanction.

To any and all that it may concern,

As has come to the attention of many, I, Red Earth of the Blackhide, asked to meet with one Vasilia of the AAMS to discuss a situation in the Barrens where this courier found herself in the middle of a battle in the Southern Barrens. I am grateful to the AAMS for permitting me the time to speak with Vasilia. It shows that despite the adversities, they still maintain a want for open communication and understanding.

Last night showed me that some people were expecting either a fight or an apology from the AAMS to come out of this. To the uninvited Alliance and Horde who showed up to the meet and forced us to move our location so that we might have privacy, I wish I could say I am sorry to disappoint your angry hearts. But a fight was not the intention and if that was what you expected then you had come to the wrong place. I thank the members of the Horde for understanding this and staying at the tavern last night. I thank the AAMS for allowing us to bring those who we allowed, and I thank those with us for doing their best to maintain their civility.

I wish to make it clear, the meeting was simply to talk. And it was not an apology I sought. Unlike for many, a simple piece of paper is sometimes not enough for me to understand. I find more truth from the words as they slip from a person’s tongue and the sincerity that shows in their eyes. I wished to hear from Vasilia herself what had transpired that night. It is not the easiest to do with language barriers and angry hearts in the way. But such was accomplished and I honor all those who allowed this conversation to happen.

I can only hope that the civility maintained between the AAMS and myself shows as an example. That there is a time and place for talk just as much as there is a time and place for war. And that sometimes we must forgive those who cannot tell the difference. I believe it has been made clear to at least all who attended that each person needs to be aware of the consequences of their words and deeds. And also that mistakes happen, the price of which is sometimes a costly one. The members of the AAMS attending last night have been awakened to the issues which their presence can cause and I hope that they share such knowledge with the rest of their membership. And the Ishnu Por Ah has been made aware that the AAMS have never been our enemy and that a peaceful relationship between the two groups will continue barring any clear evidence on either side to the contrary.

I am well aware that this is more than likely one of the first of many misunderstandings in which I may find it necessary to step in and resolve due to the actions of war which I have elicited under the name of the Ishnu Por Ah. And aware that what we do affects the lives of many and not always in the most agreeable fashion. I have also come to the understanding that it is more necessary now to be more forthcoming of my own words, even through a piece of paper, to bring a clearer understanding of our expectations so that those who hear or see them can make a more informed decision as to whether they wish to support us or go against us. As always, any who wish to speak with me face to face, no matter what their nation, are welcome to do so. My ‘door’, as they say, is always open. We may not come to an agreement but at least, it is my hope, that there will be understanding. Words can be as strong as deeds, and like deeds they need to be used openly, honestly, and wisely.

Earthmother guide you
Red Earth of the Blackhide
Matriarch of the Ishnu Por Ah

I am not the strong cord. I am not the ropes that bind.
I am what brings them together. I am the knot.
I am a shaman.

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