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 Post subject: Restless Nights
PostPosted: Wed May 11, 2011 5:27 pm 
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After speaking with Jin, Wolf walked back to his tent by the Great wall and layed down. He fidgeted for about a half an hour then sighed; he was extremely tired, yet he couldn't fall asleep. He wandered around Mulgore to find a place to sleep, but no place, no matter how quiet and/or peaceful, could grant him it. He growled and walked back to his tent, annoyed by the fact that he coudln't sleep. When he got there he grabbed his armor and weapons and walked out, his axe held over his shoulder. Something glinted in the moonlight as he went to leave, and the light struck his eye, so he turned around and walked back to see what was causing the light. He looked around the tent and saw his Horizon Choker shining in the moonlight. He layed his axes down and held the choker in his palm and sat down, a tear running down his eyes. He had many thoughts running wild through his mind as he stared at the choker, but only one name was there. He wiped his tears and thought about what he should do. The first thing was simple...get to sleep. He also knew that he needed to get stronger, so he could go and find her. A good night's rest would help him with getting stronger, he thought, so he returned to his wolf form and cuddled up against the choker, for it had the one thing on it that could put him to sleep..

((btw Wolf=Firereader, just so yall know. Please tell me if ya liked it :)

The dog of Hades has been let off of his leash, and is now speaking to you.

 Post subject: Re: Restless Nights
PostPosted: Sat May 14, 2011 8:45 am 
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She was called to join the Northrend campaign or what was the remnant of it. Renkha only had a few days left to prepare for her departure, but made the best of those remaining days by celebrating Children’s Week with Firereader. She knew he was strong, but not strong enough to face the denizens of Northrend just yet.

Sitting in the stable where her mount was kept, Renkha flips the gold coin in her hand. She smiled to herself, thinking about the coin Wolf gave her the night before she left. It was sweet of him, she thought, but Renkha carried a bigger stash of gold in her purse. She did not spend the gold that was given to her. It belonged to Wolf and was the only thing she had in her possession that belonged to him.

Renkha looked to her mount and began talking to herself.

Remember the first night? I couldn’t get any sleep and no matter where I went, it was just uncomfortable. That’s when I came back and settle down in ghost wolf form in the stable. Hope I didn’t take up too much of your space. The familiar scent was all I needed to drift off to sleep. The next few nights were easier to fall asleep.

Remember when my stomach was growling so loudly that it woke the both of us up? I was starving, but at the same time, sad that there was no food in front of me. That’s when I noticed the small things he’s done for me. It was great having a meal brought to you for breakfast and dinner. He was always taking care of me and making sure my needs were met. By all means I’m not a lazy orc. Its just nice having someone to take care of you once in awhile. I think that’s one of the reasons why I’m in love with him. Of course, he’s one fine bull and has one hell of a body.

Renkha chuckled loudly, causing nearby workers to gaze at her direction as if she was going crazy like some of the new recruits that couldn’t survive the Northrend campaign.

I hope he’s doing well. I miss him.

With that, Renkha stood up and picked up her mining pick. She hoisted the pick over her shoulders and in her other hand, held a leash to her mount. Tugging on the leash, her mount followed her out of the stables.

It was time to go find some more ores to mine and help out however she could.


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