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 Post subject: Something for Everyone
PostPosted: Mon Jul 30, 2012 12:05 pm 
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"..Oh. OH! ..Ppphhawww, that's awful!!"

Kaeev stumbled out of the Ishnu Lodge on the Spirit Rise in Thunder Bluff, coughing and sucking in huge breaths of fresh air for a moment before glancing back into the Lodge and wiping an eye. "I knew we shouldn't have kept that in there for so long."

The shaman had been rummaging around in the stores of the Lodge lately in an effort to get some much-needed cleaning done. Much of what the Ishnu had acquired over the past couple of years had been busy succumbing to an invasion of dust, or in the case of food, decay. Not even the best methods and ingredients the Shu'halo had for preserving food were enough for some of what was left in their stores, being in there as long as some of it had been. And he had been "lucky" enough to open the wrong bag; the smell almost made him gag. After regaining himself, he took a deep breath and held it as he went back in to retrieve more.

As he brought one such bag out, averting his nose, he spied a familiar figure out of the corner of his eye. With a low, but happy bark, an older male prairie wolf came running up to him, his tail wagging with energy as he tried to thrust his nose into the shaman's face for a licking.

"No, no, not now, Preypacer. Not now!" The words came out sternly.

His wife's furry companion surprisingly obeyed, promptly finding a comfortable spot nearby to sit down. His tail didn't share the same patience however, as it vigorously brushed and thumped the ground.

"Just, stay there for right now, and don't go marking anywhere!" he said with some irritation before holding his breath for another "dive" into the Lodge stores. As minutes passed on, Preypacer laid down. Even the wolf's tail had lost its zealous wag after a time as Kaeev went back and forth bringing out bags or boxes of various things that he felt were no longer needed. The wolf's ears would prick sometimes at the sound of Kaeev's voice coming from the Lodge. Sometimes it was just the shaman muttering to himself out loud about whatever he had dug up, and other times it was a shout of dismay or even disgust. The shaman would eye Preypacer suspiciously from time to time as he organized what he brought out into separate piles. When Kaeev had finished, he had three different piles. After closing and locking up the Lodge, he surveyed what he had brought, pointing to the respective piles as he mused aloud.

"Let's see....Sell, burn, and..."

He eyed the last pile. It was only a couple of bags, but by the their stains, the smell and the flies that hovered over them, they clearly had something rotting inside. "..And Abominus." He shook his head, having little doubt the undead would appreciate some more maggots. These didn't belong to Abominus...well, not yet, anyway. At least someone could find mostly harmless uses for them.

He dug into a bag from a different pile, and pulled out a dried, salted filet of some kind of fish. He sniffed it, and nodded approvingly before extending it in Preypacer's direction. The wolf got up promptly, his tail wagging furiously again as he looked at the morsel eagerly.

"You've been a good boy," said Kaeev as he tossed the morsel in the wolf's direction. "I don't think this will make you sick. Don't tell Karoa, though."

Preypacer wasn't paying attention. He was busily chewing away happily. It made Kaeev smile as he took one of the bags and started for the central mesa to see what coin he could amass with the goods he carried.

((So, this little snippet was just a little idea that popped into my head after I bought the 7th tab for our guild bank. With Mists of Pandaria soon approaching, I thought it would be best to clean out some of our Cata stuff, and combine it into one tab to make room so we can have two tabs for Mists once it goes live. Initially, I had entertained the idea of buying an 8th tab but decided not to. Making that available would require earning the guild achievement "Stay Classy", which essentially entails having every class/race combination possible present in our guild. Making the effort to earn that would go against some long-held Ishnu traditions--something I don't really feel like doing. And, frankly, I don't think anyone would shed any tears over some stuff getting cleaned out to be sold, vended or crafted into something else anyway, so. No worries, only the Cata tabs will be touched.

And, uh, does anyone know how I might switch around the order of the tabs, if that's possible?))

 Post subject: Re: Something for Everyone
PostPosted: Tue Oct 23, 2012 3:19 pm 
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Joined: Thu Feb 12, 2009 11:58 am
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"I think this is the last one."

Kaeev had been at it for a few weeks now, such that his statement was said with a little surprise. With a heave, he stacked one last crate of the Ishnu stores with the rest that had been brought to the tribe's new home. This lodge was bigger, more spacious, and stood on the main rise attached to one of the bridges leading to the Spirit Rise, its entrance facing Woofer's Wallow. He had taken Kickfeather's advice, and after making the necessary arrangements, went ahead with moving the Ishnu lodge to this new location.

Or its contents, anyway. Rather than try to enlist the help of others, the shaman decided to make the move by himself. He had done it a little bit at a time each day, dusting off one or two barrels or crates with some care before carrying them over to the new Lodge. His recent cleaning and reorganizing of the Vault actually made the process quite simple. Some minor adjustments made each time he brought a barrel or crate gave the stores an overall neat appearance. After a few weeks of this small but steady effort, this was the finished result. He hadn't seen or heard from Kickfeather in some time, but that was all right. He was certain she'd be pleased that he essentially did as she asked. The organization of all the crates and barrels could possibly use some improvement, but that was a matter that could be dealt with later with more inspecting eyes.

He took a step back, appraising the final outcome of the task, and nodded with satisfaction. He turned and looked to an aging prairie wolf who sat behind him, wagging his tail with a youthful enthusiasm. "What do you think, boy?"

PreyPacer barked, stepping forward and sniffing the stacks of crates and barrels at their base, and then standing on his hind legs, propping his front paws against the stack as he continued to sniff around curiously. The wolf gave a quiet sneeze before hopping back down on all fours and barking at the shaman, his tail still wagging.

Kaeev then gave the wolf a rather steely look, and spoke sternly. "No marking. You'll be in big trouble if I find any of your 'handiwork' around here."

Preypacer seemed to wilt and whined piteously at the words (or the look, at least), but only briefly as the shaman then smiled, scratching him between and behind the ears. "Come on," said Kaeev. "Let's head home. Karoa should be back soon."

He started home, taking the bridge to the Spirit Rise and feeling a sense of accomplishment. He could finalize the move tomorrow.

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