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 Post subject: From a Hawk’s View
PostPosted: Mon Nov 05, 2012 5:53 pm 
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Joined: Fri Feb 17, 2006 3:38 pm
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((Within the guild hall a letter is posted. Its written in bright colors and
interestingly horrible grammar, but notably nice handwriting.
The edge of the paper is sticky with a candy infused thumbprint))

Dear Ishnu Por Ah,

Let me tell you how it is! My dad, “Mister Crow” has been hiding
out in a far corner of the world. He told people he was going to
find some peace in solace but didn’t tell anyone where he was
going (except me of course!). I had visited him a few times.
but, Praise to the Earth Momma, he was in horrible shape!

He spent all his savings on this fandangle surgery (a gnome did it!)
to save his shield shoulder (cause all the maces and swords bouncing off
of him was taking its toll on his rotary-whatever-thingy) but then
after he was all fixed up he didn’t even pick up that shield anymore…
he didn’t even wash his hair!

I think he was feeling really bad about my Sister…
She got the plague and died but Dad did a crazy ritual to resurrect her…
Not only did he do something he probably shouldn’t have done, but then
she just ran off and left us anyway! She wasn’t really my Sissy anymore,
she had hallowed eyes. They were dull and gray just like Gooses were
before he went to the great loch in the sky…

Wait, im off track here.

Anyway, Id been bugging my dad about us getting back out there
and helping the The Earth Mother battle all the sick and bad in the world,
but he was pretty uninterested. He was hardly even eating, let alone considering
flailing a sword around. He weighs like half of what he used to, and almost his
whole mane looks like it was dipped in white ash –haha-
(but I don’t tease him cause it might make sad)!

He'd go on to lecture me about things being hopeless and how he loses
everything he loves, and all of this sad stuff that makes me weepy,
but I never let him be too sorry for himself when I was around.
Besides, bad things happen all the time. They happen to everyone.
Everyday… over and over again… I know he knows that, but it didn't
seem to make him feel any better.

Even with all those things bothering him, I saw him in the bluff the other day!
He didn’t know I was watching him (just keeping an eye on him is all! its NOT creepy! hes my Dad!)
but I think he has been helping young Tauren learn the theories of war and strategy!
Young bulls (and ladys too) have been bringing him texts and asking about things like,

“What did you do when Herod yelled “BLADES OF LIGHT!”?”.

Then he would answer about running away or something more specific and important,
and the pupils took notes! That’s good! They should! My Dad is S.M.A.R.T. indeed!
If you want to stay alive you just stand behind my dad! Works for everyone! ask Jaxi!
Ask Liko! He might curse a little or bleed on you, but you dont really have to
worry about him cause hes tougher (and meaner) than a thunder lizard (if you're a "bad guy")!

Off track again, sorry!

Today I saw him going back and forth from the bank and digging through
a stack of his old gear… he was wearing his Ishnu tabard! He looked a
little lost or maybe tired, but he had re-braided his hair, washed his fur
and even polished his hooves! I was happy and proud but hes so skinny
and... ahem… out of shape!

Ill probably hang around for a while to make sure he gets along okay,
but Im sure all of his experience will carry him through while he shakes off his rust.
After I’m sure that him and Flower (his Kodo) will be fine, ill probably take up
some more work myself. It wont be the same without my Sister and Goose,
but sometimes its just easier to push through (and be busy) than it is to
stand there and feel bad. It looks like my Dad thinks so too!

Ishnu Por Ah!
Your (and everyones) Friend,
Weepinghawk Strongbird

PS. If anyone can help me learn to fish, I would be very happy!
My Dad used to fish with my Sissy all the time and they liked it,
so I would like to be able to do that with him sometime soon. Thanks!

It is better to die for something Than live for nothing.

 Post subject: Re: From a Hawk’s View
PostPosted: Sat Nov 10, 2012 8:14 pm 
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Joined: Thu Feb 12, 2009 11:58 am
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*The following message is tacked below Weepinghawk's. It would appear it was also meant for others to read, if they so chose.*

Brother Weepinghawk,

Many of us, especially in the past few years or so, have also experienced loss. It has affected some of us more deeply than others, but regardless, your words ring true. I do not think that those who have gone beyond the veil would have us live our lives only grieving for them. There is a time for that sort of thing, yes, but even as friends and loved ones finish their lives here, we still have our own lives to keep living. There is still purpose, and there can still be happiness.

That's why the Ishnu Por Ah is here! reason, I think. You and your father both are and always will be welcome among us, and we would be happy and honored to have you in our midst again.

As for fishing with your father, have you considered asking him to teach you? That's one way you could have that opportunity. If not, I'm sure one of us could give you the basics and some tips.

Por Ah watch over you,

Brother Kaeevanrash
Patriarch of the Ishnu Por Ah

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